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Close the mink farms in Sweden permanently

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Djurens Rätt, together with more than 40 organizations, today present a joint appeal to the Swedish government and parliament. After SARS-CoV-2 was spread throughout the majority of Sweden's mink farms last autumn, the government introduced a temporary breeding ban in 2021. To avoid the risk of infections spreading in the future, the organizations in the joint appeal urge the government to produce a decommissioning plan for mink farming in Sweden.

This January, the Swedish government announced a total stop of breeding minks in Sweden in 2021. The decision came after almost a year of recurring alarm reports about the spread of Covid-19 among minks on Swedish mink farms. Since then, the government decided to compensate the mink farms in Sweden with SEK 60 million to help the farms to survive.

Now Djurens Rätt, together with 44 other organizations, has written a joint appeal to the Swedish government and parliament, with the Minister of Agriculture Jennie Nilsson at the head, with a call that the mink farms should be closed down permanently. This is in view of the extensive risks of the spread of infection that are closely linked to the unethical attitude of mink farming.

Read the joint appeal here

Close the mink farms in Sweden permanently

– The fur industry is an unethical and outdated industry that belongs in the history books. It has become painfully clear during the current pandemic that we can not keep animals close in small grid cages, says Camilla Bergvall, President of Djurens Rätt.

In Europe, 18 countries have already implemented or decided to ban mink farms and developed decommissioning plans. This applies to the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Norway and France, among others. The latest addition was Estonia, which announced in the beginning of June that they will ban fur farms.

Among Sweden's parliamentary parties, Miljöpartiet, Vänsterpartiet and Liberalerna have expressed that they want to see a ban on mink breeding in Sweden. But other parties have remained silent in regard to a potential ban.

– It is up to politicians now to act for the good of both animals and humans. It's time for Sweden to close down the mink farms!, Camilla Bergvall concludes.

Fur farms in Sweden

Every year, about 500 000 minks are killed in Sweden's fur industry, but in 2021 this was stopped due to the role of infection on mink farms during the Covid-19 pandemic. Most minks used to live to the age of only six months and live their whole lives in small grid cages. Today, there are about 33 mink farms left in Sweden, with about 90 000 breeding females, most of which are in Blekinge, Sweden.

Linn Åkesson

Linn Åkesson | Kommunikationschef

24 juni 2021

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