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Djurens Rätt föreläser på Food Print

Djurens Rätt föreläser på Food Print

Den 23 mars deltar Djurens Rätt på Food Print, en föreläsningsserie om hållbarhet, denna gång med fokus på hållbar mat.

Från Djurens Rätt föreläser Anna Harenius, sakkunnig etolog under rubriken “Impacts of Food Industry on the Environment”, och Francesca Vilches, konsumentansvarig, deltar i ett panelsamtal med ämnet “Transitioning to an animal friendly lifestyle”.

Nedan kan du läsa mer om arrangemanget och anmäla dig.


“Food-Print consists of a speaker series, where topic experts will speak about the impacts of Food Industry on the Energy Sector, Environment Sector and its impacts on health of human beings. 

This is followed by a panel discussion on the topic "Sustainable Innovation in Food Industry" where entrepreneurs from Food Start-Ups discuss and debate the upcoming trends in the industry.

The event concludes with 2 case challenges where participants brainstorm solutions for making the food industry more sustainable. 

Why: Food-Print is an ideal platform for any organizations looking to network with other organizations, young professionals and students who are interested in the sustainability field. 

Furthermore, you get to improve your knowledge about the Food Industry!

When: March 23rd, 09:00 AM, at Stockholm Co-location Centre (CLC), Isafjordsgatan 26, level 3, Kista

Who: We have speakers and panelists from Djurens Ratt, Valj Vego, Greepeace Sweden, Noquo Foods, Olio sharing their knowledge about the industry.

How: Sign Up at this link

Ticket: IT'S FREE! The deposit made will be FULLY REFUNDED when the participants register at the booth on the event day.”

Peter Nilsson

Peter Nilsson | Ansvarig digitala kanaler

20 mars 2019


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