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I'M VEGAN - English

We want to make it easy for consumers to find what they are looking for. Therefore, Djurens Rätt provides the label I’M VEGAN that clearly states that the product does not contain ingredients or derivatives that come from animals.

I’M VEGAN is a registered trademark label for vegan products from the organisation Djurens Rätt that applies to both food, hygiene articles and cosmetics. Using the label is a simple & clear way to show the consumers that a product meets Djurens Rätts requirements on vegan products.

A vegan label makes it is very easy for consumers that want to make animal friendly choices when buying products. I’M VEGAN clearly shows that a product does not contain animal products and is not tested on animals. 
- Ika Yébenes Herce, Corporate Outreach Specialist at Djurens Rätt.

Why a vegan label?

A vegan label on your products makes it easier for consumers, who can then avoid the struggle with reading long ingredient lists. The label also makes it easier for those who want to shop vegan products for friends, colleagues or family. I’M VEGAN certifies as well that your company does not test on animals. 

With I’M VEGAN your trademark gets

  • A certification showing your customers that your products make up an animal friendly choice.
  • A trustworthy label: as Sweden’s largest and oldest animal rights- and welfare organisation, Djurens Rätt is highly trusted by consumers that make animal friendly choices.
  • Clear guiding in how the label can strengthen your brand.
  • A personal contact at Djurens Rätt that will help you with questions about certification and ingredients.
  • Exposure in Djurens Rätts social media. Djurens Rätt reaches on average 2 million people/week in our social media. Our magazine "Djurens Rätt" has four releases per year and each edition reaches over 60 000 readers interested in vegan products.


What criteria must companies meet?

The products that the company want to label must be 100 percent vegan. No animal testing may occur and no animal ingredients or derivates are allowed in the labeled products.

How are products controlled?

All companies must submit supporting documents for all their labeled products. Cosmetics companies also undergo a review of a third party that verifies that no animal testing has taken place and that the company lives up to the other requirements.

Who are Djurens Rätt?

Djurens Rätt is Swedens largest animal rights- and welfare organisation and was founded in 1882. The organisation has around 50 000 members that wish to improve the lives of animals. Djurens Rätt has almost 600 000 followers on Facebook and Instagram, and reaches almost 2 million users every week.

Apply for I’M VEGAN

Do you want to label your products with I’M VEGAN? Contact us for more information through the contact form below or send us an email

[email protected]

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