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Linn Åkesson

Linn Åkesson

Kommunikationschef17 February 2022fler nyheter

Premiere of "The World's Best Animal Welfare" - an animated film about the reality of broiler chickens

In April 2021, Djurens Rätt, together with the production company Naive, started the work of producing a film that shows the reality of the chickens. The plot that emerged was a short story about three chickens in different parts of life in an animal factory. The film is 3D-animated, which means that the chickens talk, and can therefore speak for themselves about their experiences.

Well-established and acclaimed actors in the roles

One of the characters is made by the actor Dragomir Mrsic, who had his breakthrough for his role in Snabba Cash and in recent years has also made a name for himself in Hollywood. Another familiar voice is made by the Guldbagge-nominated actress Sanna Sundqvist. The film also features actor and comedian Mattias Fransson, known from the humor group Klungan.

The animals also need someone to back them up! The film is really good, it has both fun and informative content, says Dragomir Mrsic about his participation in the film.

In the animal factories, chickens live for 35 days in extreme crowds indoors. The broiler chickens, as they are called, grow so fast that it hurts and hundreds of thousands are injured or die already in the transport on the way to the slaughterhouse. This is something that is depicted in the three different scenes in the film.

 It’s not a film that screams desperately for help or sympathy, but we hope that it at least leaves people with an uneasy feeling worth reflecting on, says Robin Jonsson, screenwriter and director at Naive.

The world's best animal welfare?

The film is funded to a great extent by the members and followers of Djurens Rätt through a crowdfunding campaign that took place in the autumn of 2021. The title is a reference to the fact that it is often claimed that Sweden has the world's best animal protection law.

With the film "The World's Best Animal Welfare", Djurens Rätt wants to show what it really means for the animals in the animal factories. Laughter gets stuck in my throat, and that's how it is, there’s nothing fun about life in an animal factory, says Camilla Bergvall, President of Djurens Rätt.

The cinema commercial will be seen in all of Filmstaden's cinemas in Sweden from 17th of February and is expected to reach close to one million cinema visitors during the spring. The film premieres on Djurens Rätt's YouTube channel at 12pm.

Watch the film "The World's Best Animal Welfare" here.