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Historical decision: Sweden shuts down the mink industry during 2021

At a press conference today (27 of January) the Swedish government announced that the mink industry in Sweden will be shut down during 2021 as a consequence of the corona pandemic. Djurens Rätt welcomes the decision and considers this to be the definitive end of the mink industry.

- In practice, this means the end of mink breeding in Sweden, even if the ban is temporary. Djurens Rätt has been working against the cruelty in the mink industry for a long time and a large majority of Swedes wants to see the farms shut down. This is a good day for the minks, says Camilla Bergvall, President for Djurens Rätt.

On October 23th 2020 the first case of coronavirus was found on a mink farm in Sweden and the virus subsequently spread to 12 other farms. In order to stop the spread of the virus, Jennie Nilsson, Minister for Rural Affairs and Per Bolund, Minister of Finance, announced at a press conference on January 27th that a stop will be introduced for mink breeding in Sweden during 2021.

- The risk of spreading infection from mink farms is a result of the catastrophic animal welfare. Djurens Rätt has been fighting for decades for the mink farms to be phased out and for the suffering to end. This decision is most likely the end for the Swedish mink industry, says Camilla Bergvall.

At the end of 2020, the Netherlands proceeded to implement its previously scheduled closure of mink farms earlier than intended as a consequence of the spread of the coronavirus among the minks. Denmark introduced a temporary ban in 2021 for the same reason, in line with the decision Sweden now has taken. If today's decision means a final stop for mink farms, Sweden will be one of the many countries that have closed the door to this outdated industry.

Peter Nilsson

Peter Nilsson | Digital kommunikatör

27 januari 2021

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